Join Sebastian Bartu C.O.  Swiss Osteopath & Yoga Teacher in this Free Mini Online Training


Discover How To Boost Your Evolutionary Hormonal & Immune Power &

Eliminate Years of Joint Pains

(With Out Medication Nor Supplement)

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Transform your body's shape and performance with the


Bartu Immune & Hormone Boosting

(Bartu- IHB) Training


The Bartu- IHB Training is an easy to learn

series of exercises which combines 

  • the healing science of Osteopathy & Neuro-Fascia Strength & Traditional Yoga


  • the time tested Japanese science of Okinawa Karate - self empowering techniques from the world’s longest living and healthiest culture.

What exactly will you learn in this Mini Course


 1. How can you activate the biggest lymphatic glands in your body to increase your immune health.


Using simple words and terms, Sebastian will explain the anatomy and physiology of the Lymphatic system and what type of exercises are the most beneficial for your immune system and why. 


2. What can we learn from the evolutionary science of mankind to improve our exercise habits and avoid getting injured and increase healing rates. 


Discover the oldest natural evolutionary foot position and experience what happens in your body and your hormonal system when you use this foot position when doing exercise. 


3. The knee is one of the weakest joints in the body and most knee injuries are related to blockages in the hips, feet and ankles.


Learn a very effective self knee pain release technique to overcome knee pains and prevent you from having future knee issues. 


4. The pressure in our lungs, heart and ribs is 100% connected to the muscle tension in our arms and fingertips. 


Discover how you can remove years of tension and unconscious muscle contractions in your finger and wrist to restore the health and strength in your entire arm, shoulder,heart and lungs. 


5. Most people are in a constant overdrive mode (over stimulation of the Sympathetic nervous system) which is causing constant muscle contractions which increases the levels of lactic acid in the blood and lymphatic system. 



Learn a simple technique to immediately trigger deep neurological relaxation in your biggest muscle chains and vital organs. Experience a deep state of neuro-somatic relaxation to activate the body’s natural healing and auto-regulation mechanisms.


Below are the names and benefits of each of the exercises you will learn in this mini course

This Mini Course has a final somatic meditation integration exercise which is essential to balance out the nervous system

(Sympathetic & Parasympathetic Nervous System)

Meet Sebastian Bartu C.O. 

Founder Of The

Bartu-NSR Method®

(Neuro-Somatic Reprogramming® Technique)

Sebastian Bartu C.O.

CEO & Founder of the Bartu-NSR Method & Academy in Zurich, Switzerland.

Sebastian is a swiss osteopath & yoga teacher
with a degree in clinical psychology who has been teaching his unique pain release protocols (including his Bartu - IHB Training) and certifying health professionals for over 10 years in more then 25 countries all over the world.
From training professional football players from the Colombia National World Cup team in 2014 to world class acrobats in the renowned circus "Cirque Du Soleil" in Canada, to top CEO's Sebastian has helped top performers recover from injury, boost their health and take their mental and physical performance to the higher level possible. 
But this was all thanks to his personal pain & suffering...
In 2012 Sebastian was forced to stop working as a international travelling Osteopath because he had over worked himself and was suffering from chronic neurological pains in his arms, (frozen shoulder), and had several severe injuries to his right knee (ripped meniscus).
After several months of intensely researching the bio mechanics
and anatomy of the body, the hormonal system and immune system and combining self-experimentation with his extensive years experience working as a chronic pain specialised Osteopath and Yoga Teacher (as well as advanced Martial Art practitioner) he discovered some unique biohacks technics which allowed him remove all the pain from his body, heal his ripped meniscus and become 100% fit and strong again without needing any medication, supplements nor gym workout machines.
He immediately went back to treating his chronic pain patients and started testing all his new exercises on them.
He was amazed to discover that he had created biohacks protocols that anyone - regardless of their condition, age or current fitness level - can use to transform their body, reduce their pain and boost their hormonal and immune system.
The Bartu-Immune & Hormonal Boosting Training® combines all of Sebastian’s biohack discoveries into one powerful, easy to learn online program: allowing you to activate your natural evolutionary muscle strength, your natural pain release mechanisms and become the highest version of yourself.
Sebastian teaching the "Bartu-NSR Manual Medicine Certification" to Physio-therapists & Osteopaths in Vienna, Austria
Sebastian teaching his signature "Reprogramming the Posture Protocol" in Sayulita, Mexico
Sebastian teaching his unique "Bartu Back Pain Release Practitioner" Certification in Koh Samui, Thailand.

Partnerships We've Built

Clients that Have Hosted Bartu-NSR Method® Training Events

Transformational Stories

"My back pain and menstruation pain completely went away"

I used to have to take pain killers every month during my menstruation but now I don’t need any more medication. I’m super grateful towards Sebastian for having developed this technique."

Dr. Karin Amberg

Lawyer - Germany

"This is an amazing experience. All my back pain went away"

After the protocol my spine was so much more flexible I was able to touch my toes while standing with no pain. I highly recommend the Bartu Method to everyone suffering from back pain.

Manual Dos Santos

International Dancer - Canada

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"All the inner organs were working much better

and this feels much healthier and much more relaxed then before. I definitely recommend the Bartu-NSR Method to anyone suffering from health issues."

Dr. Alexandra Neubecker

Professor - Germany

"I had lots of acidity in my stomach"

After the protocol all the acidity was gone. I had lots of pain in my arms, now I can sleep better, the pain is gone… it’s amazing."

Sita Ramirez

Co-director of Yoga Center - Canada

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"It’s so beneficial,  it’s incredible!

All the benefits of the spine come in... for the vertebrae, the disk and the muscles around the spine.

This is incredible knowledge that the course gives. It’s empowering to human beings."

Alesandra Properi

Pilates Instructor - Italy

"I had a Sciatica pain

and I could feel straight away after doing the protocol that the pain went away. The pinching from my lower back to my leg completely disappeared.

Thank you so much!"

Pauline Lheureux

Massage Therapist- France

"The Bartu-NSR method is a powerful simple technique to decompress your spine,

relax and release muscle tension around the spine, release pain, and actually get rid of any injuries in a quick and fast way. The technique is easy and accessible to everyone and you can feel the benefits on yourself immediately."

Manfred Suppan

International Yoga Instructor - Austria

"I was looking for many years for a solution in conservative therapy

but couldn't find anything that helped me. These Bartu-NSR protocols are fantastic - it was the first time I tried a method which did not hurt me.  I can do something which helps me. So it’s a big great solution for me and I am very grateful.

Anja-Christina Carstensen Busniness Coach - Germany

Join Sebastian Bartu C.O.  Swiss Osteopath & Yoga Teacher in this Free Mini Online Training


Discover How To Boost Your Evolutionary Hormonal & Immune Power &

Eliminate Years of Joint Pains

(With Out Medication Nor Supplement)

Available for a limited time only!

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