Release Tensions & Pains From Computer Work - Today!

Are you curious to learn new, simple exercises

(which you can do in the comfort of your chair)

to restore health, flexibility and reduce pain from all the muscles & joints which get over-worked from spending time on the computer?

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Are you frustrated from all the time and money you spent on fancy ergonomic office chairs,

stand up desks, an enormous ergonomic mouse and are still suffering from discomfort when working on your computer?

Have these aches and discomforts been

deteriorating your work productivity, motivation and giving you more stress?

At the end of the day do you feel drained 

from the stiffness and soreness of your neck, shoulders, spine, elbows or wrist … and fantasize about being able to work on your computer with ease and comfort - pain free!

What if you discovered that

spending hours on your computer doesn’t always need to be accompanied with aches, pains and frustration!



If you're tired of experiencing discomfort and pain in your shoulders, neck, spine, elbows or wrists while working on your computer…


Then we have the perfect Bartu-NSR Online Course for you! :)

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Welcome to the


Bartu-NSR Transformational Online Course: "Release Tensions & Pains From Computer Work®"

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The Bartu-NSR 6 Week Training

"Release Tensions & Pains From Computer Work®"


teaches you unique, simple and highly effective health empowering exercises which integrates the science of 

Osteopathy, Psychology, Yoga, Mindfulness & Martial Arts.


Sebastian Bartu C.O.

Founder of the Bartu - Neuro Somatic Reprogramming® Method 


creator of the Bartu-NSR Chair Series Training®

is a swiss osteopath & yoga teacher

with a degree in clinical psychology who has been teaching his unique pain release protocols (including his Bartu - IHB Training) and certifying health professionals for over 10 years in more then 25 countries all over the world.

From training professional football players from the Colombia National World Cup team in 2014 to world class acrobats in the renowned circus "Cirque Du Soleil" in Canada, to top CEO's Sebastian has helped top performers recover from injury, boost their health and take their mental and physical performance to the higher level possible. 

But this was all thanks to his personal pain & suffering...

In 2012 Sebastian was forced to stop working as a international travelling Osteopath because he had over worked himself and was suffering from chronic neurological pains in his arms, (frozen shoulder), and had several severe injuries to his right knee (ripped meniscus).

After several months of intensely researching the bio mechanics

and anatomy of the body, the hormonal system and immune system and combining self-experimentation with his extensive years experience working as a chronic pain specialised Osteopath and Yoga Teacher (as well as advanced Martial Art practitioner) he discovered some unique biohacks technics which allowed him remove all the pain from his body, heal his ripped meniscus and become 100% fit and strong again without needing any medication, supplements nor gym workout machines.

He immediately went back to treating his chronic pain patients and started testing all his new exercises on them.

He was amazed to discover that he had created biohacks protocols that anyone - regardless of their condition, age or current fitness level - can use to transform their body, reduce their pain and regain control of their health and wellbeing.

The Bartu-NSR "Release Tensions & Pains From Computer Work" ® combines all of Sebastian’s biohack discoveries into one powerful, easy to learn online program: allowing you to remove years of aches and pain caused by working on the computer. 

These unique bio hacks activate your natural pain release mechanisms and are easy to learn and are especially designed for you to do in a chair.

(So you don't even need to drag around your yoga mat or pay for a gym membership).

And like all the Bartu-NSR Pain release protocols you will get fast, sustainable results naturally - medication free!

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Discover the Bartu-NSR

"Release Tensions & Pains From Computer Work Training®"

Program Curriculum

Discover What People Say About The Bartu-NSR Pain Release Protocols 


"You create an immense positive change in the nervous system in a very short amount of time.

It’s a very simple and efficient method. These Bartu-NSR exercises are actually really easy to do."

Hugo Abecassis

Osteopath & Yoga Teacher – Portugal


"I felt a huge release in my stomach and my neck.

Even the way I can move my neck now is amazing! 

After the exercises I felt all the tension in my body was gone and my body was regenerated."  

Gabrielle Dagenais

Personal Trainer – Canada


"If you’re feeling some kind of blockage in your body then this course is for you..

it’s gets in there right away. It’s very efficient."

Alyson Manta

Dance instructor for Cirque du Soleil for 20 years – Canada


"I’ve had no more pains in my knees or shoulders since I starting a month ago...

and I haven’t done the exercises very frequently either, just a few times a week. It’s very effective..I wasn't having much process with these issues until I started the Bart-NSR Method, so I’d highly recommend it.

Asya Milazzo

Massage Therapist - United States 

3 Valuable FREE Bonuses Included When You Join Today

Bonus # 2
Deep Fascial Thumb Release

 Worth €97  - Now Free!

(For A Limited Time Only)

Discover the evolutionary science behind the disproportionate size of our thumb muscles and learn simple & safe techniques to 

  • Release the deepest muscular tensions in your thumb (which are often  linked to shoulder and neck pains)
  • Remove the build up of lactic acid, muscle tension & pains in your thumb
  • Restore the elasticity, strength and function of your thumb & wrist
Bonus # 3

Arm Lymphatic Boosting & Shoulder Pain Release Technique

 Worth €97  - Now Free!

(For Limited Time Only)

Research confirms that one of the fastest ways to increase cellular cleansing, detox, rejuvenation and increase your immune system is to send signals of contraction and relaxation to the muscles around the biggest lympathic glands in our body.

Discover an effective, easy and gentle technique to boost the biggest lymphatic gland in your arm to

  • Activate the flow ofhealing white blood cells 
  • Remove neurological patterns of pain and discomfort in the shoulder, neck and wrist
  • Create more energy, motivation, concentration, brain power and focus when working at your computer

Bonus #1 = €97

Bonus #2 = €97

Bonus #3 = €119

Total = €313


Join The Course Today & Get all 3 Bonuses for Free & SAVE €313

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Click "Join The Program" To Kick Start Your Health Transformational Journey 

When you enroll you will get...

  • Full lifetime access to all instructional videos material
  • 6 weeks online training with 42 high quality instructional videos carefully teaching you every step of the way to release tensions in your wrist, arm, elbow, shoulder, neck, shoulder, spine, hips, knees and feet
  • Direct access to ask all your questions to the Swiss Osteopath & Founder of this method: Sebastian Bartu C.O.
  • All course videos are available on multiple devices (tablets & smartphones, desktops and laptops) making it easy to continue the health empowering process even during travel or busy days
  • The support of a vibrant international community of passionate students
  • A caring experienced customer support team dedicated to help you during the entire process
  • Bonus # 1 (worth€97) Lung Empowerment - Neuro Stress Management Tool 
  • Bonus # 2 (worth €97) Deep Fascial Thumb Release
  • Bonus # 3  (worth €119) Arm Lymphatic Boosting & Shoulder Pain Release Technique
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  • Full lifetime access to all high quality instructional videos

You'll learn:

  • Decompression of the Right Wrist Joint - Preparation technique
  • Fingertip to Shoulder Fascia Pain Release
  • Spiral Spine & Mouse Finger Pain Release
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  • Full lifetime access to all high quality instructional videos
  • Direct access to ask all your questions to Bartu-NSR Method Support Team

You'll learn: 

All exercises from  "Release Tensions & Pains From Computer Work" 6 Week Training.

  • Bonus 1: Lung Empowerment - Neuro Stress Management Tool
  • Bonus 2: Deep Fascial Thumb Release 
  • Bonus 3: Arm Lymph Boosting & Shoulder Pain Release Technique 
  • 40+ high quality videos & 6 weeks online training program.
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