3 exercises never to do if you have back pain or neck pain (and why not)

Uncategorized Mar 02, 2021

Are you suffering from back pain and noticed that some of the exercises that were recommended to you really didn’t feel good… and ended up giving you more tension and discomfort :(

Do you wish you had a better understanding of the biomechanics of the spine so that you would know exactly which movements you should avoid doing when you work out or practice yoga or pilates?

The painful truth is that there are countless misconceptions and opposing opinions on what are the most effective, safe and intelligent exercises to do to reduce or eliminate back pain (as well as prevent having future back pains).

In this report I will 

  • highlight the major myths and misconceptions around back pain. 
  • explain the 3 exercises & movements to avoid or be extremely careful if you suffer from back pain (or if you have suffered in the past).

And finally I will share with you what exercises I created which allowed me to help thousands of my patients all over the world restore the health of their spine and digestive systems (naturally, with out medication).


Here are the 3 biggest misconceptions around the cause and solution of back pain:

  1. More muscle in spine = less pain & more health ❌
  2. Flexible spine = healthy pain free spine ❌
  3. Abnormality in the spine  (arthrosis, disk compression, disk bulging) = the cause of back pain ❌ 

Curious to learn more about these misconceptions? Click here to watch a video explaining each misconception and why so many people suffer from back pain and digestive issues despite trying so many pain release methods. 


All exercises and movement by default will increase the activity of lymph (which are the white blood cells which clean the blood, remove waste, dealciline the blood and make the pain receptors less sensitive to pain). 

So that’s why moving the spine by default is better then staying in bed all day. The probability of getting some form of health improvement from any kind of spine movement exercise is relatively high over staying in bed for a week. 

However, how do you know which are the safest exercises to practice which immediately reduce back pain and allow you to relax 100% the deepest muscles of the spine? 

Those types of exercises are not easy to come about. And yet they are the ones which create the biggest positive neurological transformation in the body and allow you to remove years of chronic and acute back pain.

Building muscles in the body is only beneficial if you can equally build the body’s ability to relax them. 

From my 15 years of working in chronic pain clinics all over the world I can guarantee you that if you suffer from back pain you should avoid doing the following exercises: 


Everytime you extend your head backwards and are doing a back bend (what is called a spine extension) you are creating a compression in your spine and more pressure is built up in your spine, and especially your disk. Most of us already have too much compression in our spine from our daily routine of sitting many hours in front of a computer. So before we compress the spine more in our exercise routine it’s extremely important and beneficial to first decompress the spine. (And that’s exactly the first step of the Bartu-NSR Back Pain Release Protocol). 

So which position allows the maximum release of tension and pain in the spine? 

How can you position your spine in a way which creates the least compression and the max separation between each vertebrae, each disk, the muscles and nerves. Well that would be the fetus position (flexed spine). 

When your knees are bent and resting against your chest and you curl up into a ball you are allowing the most release of tension in your spine. Once you start doing the Bartu Breath 1 breathing techniques then you will automatically be stretching the ligaments and muscles which connect the digestive organs directly to the spine. With each inhale you will be elongating and opening up the fascia around each digestive organ as well as all muscle in the abdomen and in the lower spine, which is essential to remove the pressure and tension between the organs and the spine. 

If you see anybody with a sudden attack of back pain, or if you ever have the misfortune to experience a sudden acute pain in your back, then simply lie on your back, place a jacket, pillow, towel, under your lower back and let your knees fall towards your chest. Gently wrap your arms around your flexed knees. Start breathing in the following pattern: 

4 sec inhalation, 4 sec exhalation. 

Try to relax 100% your spine in this position. 

Try to relax your jaw, neck, fingers, toes, ankles, organs, eyes and entire body. 

Make the breathing your main focus, allow your breath to become bigger and bigger, pushing your lower abdomen in and out to the maximum capacity but ensuring that the movement of air is slow and steady. 

After 3-4 min slowly come out of the position. Lay on your back with your legs and arms relaxed and keep the same slow deep breathing pattern for 1-2 mins  

Having any difficulty with this exercise? 

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