The biggest untold factor which increases blood acidity and triggers your pain receptors causing back pain & digestive issues.

Uncategorized Mar 02, 2021

Do you suffer from recurrent joint pains or digestive problems? Are you susceptible to catching colds, the flu, sensitive teeth and a sore throat?
Do you feel mentally exhausted after an hour of working at your desk?

These symptoms (and many more) are correlated to too much acidity in the blood.The body fluid’s acidity or alkalinity is measured by its pH level. 

Thanks to decades of scientific research today we are aware that when the body’s PH balance is too high, acidosis, (when there is to much acidity in our body fluids including blood, lymph, urine, saliva) this can have a negative effect on our immune system, digestion, joint health, bone and muscle strength, hormones, as well as the function of vital organs that manage stress (including the adrenal glands, hypothalamus and pituitary) 

As Dr Otto Warburg, a Nobel Prize Winner for his extensive research on respiratory enzymes and cancer, confirms:

“An alkaline body can absorb up to 20 times more oxygen than an acidic body.”

And that an acidic body is more vulnerable to disease because it’s ability to absorb oxygen is reduced and the acidic environment is fertile ground for the overgrowth of pathological disease-causing microorganisms. When the body fluids are less acidic, the immune system can reach its full potential to be strong and can more easily flush out pathogens and toxins from our cells.

So why do so many people have imbalances in their blood PH despite following a plant based diet, doing regular exercise, taking probiotics, drinking alkaline drinks (lemon juice or apple cider vinegar) and following a healthy lifestyle?

To fully understand this, lets quickly review the basics around the physiology of a healthy PH balance. Don’t worry, i promise I’ll keep it short and simple :)

The body is working 24/7 to maintain the PH levels of our blood and body fluids. When the acidity of our blood is too high (acidosis) or too low (alkalosis) this creates fertile ground for infections, disease, illness and correlates to chronic fatigue, and pains in the joints, muscles and organs. 

The kidney and lunges play an essential role in carefully controlling the PH levels. 

Let me explain briefly why and how they do this.

Our cells are constantly using up oxygen to be able to execute all their metabolic functions. This process happens constantly and the waste product of this phenomenon produces carbon dioxide, (an acidic compound) which increases the acidity of all body fluids.

The cells release it into your bloodstream, where it travels all the way to your lungs. Every time you exhale you are breathing out carbon dioxide, which immediately reduces your acidity, helping you maintain your body's natural & healthy PH balance. 

This is one reason, among many, why breathing exercises have become so popular as a natural effective medicine to balance out your blood's PH and fuel your 30 trillion cells with enough oxygen. 

Having a vegetable based diet, and drinking enough fresh water, and spending time relaxing are all very popular and effective approaches to helping the body maintain a balanced PH. 

However, the factor which contributes the most to the build up of acidity in the body is not your diet nor your stress levels.  This (often unknown) factor explains why so many vegetarian, super healthy yoga teachers suffer from digestive issues, chronic/acute pain and ultimately have major imbalances in their blood PH despite having a super healthy diet and lifestyle.

The most important factor which creates the biggest production of carbon dioxide in the body (which directly increases the blood's acidity) are the Permanent Unconscious  Muscle Contractions - "PUMC".


Because every muscle contraction we make (consciously or unconsciously) requires oxygen and produces the highly acid waste product called carbon dioxide. 

Curious to know if you have Permanent Unconscious  Muscle Contractions - "PUMC"?

Well try this out: 

If you gently apply pressure on your abdomen (around your belly button) with your finger tips, softly poking around, can you feel areas which are tight & tense? Can you find spots which are sensitive and even painful when you gently poke them?

Well this is because some of your muscles in your digestive system are constantly receiving the signal of contraction from your nervous system. And these unconscious muscle contractions are creating the very acid compound waste product of carbon dioxide. This increases the acidity in your entire digestive tract, reducing the health and function of all your digestive and reproductive organs. 

But why is it painful when I gentle poke my digestive organs, you may ask. 

Well, this acidic environment makes each one of your pain receptors in your digestive system more easily triggered. So that’s why you feel more easily discomfort and pain in your digestive organs.

 A healthy digestive system should be free from muscle contractions and should not be sensitive nor painful when you gently press against them.

Well Congrats! You have just identified some unconscious muscle contractions in your digestive organs. Having troubles identifying this? (Click here to watch a free masterclass video teaching you how to identify your unconscious muscle contractions, why these will contribute to back pain and digestive tract issues and learn simple exercises to remove them.)

If you are not able to identify and eliminate the unconscious muscle contractions in your body your muscles are constantly producing acidity which is creating fertile grounds for many health problems, a weakened immune system and prevents you from feeling your best and most energetic.

How is this built up of body fluid acidity connected to back pain or knee pain or digestive issues? 

Well the more acid your blood and body fluids are the more sensitive your pain receptors become all over your body and the more likely you are to experience acute or chronic pain in different parts of your body. And that is very often the underlying cause from chronic back pain, shoulder and neck pain as well as digestive tract health issues. 

And this is exactly the point which is often completely overseen by many health experts. 

Are you curious to discover how you can naturally reprogram your nervous system to stop sending these Permanent Unconscious  Muscle Contractions - "PUMC" which is making your blood too acidic and contributing to your pain and discomfort? 

If so then click on here to  watch a powerful 90 mins free Bartu-NSR Masterclass:
Self Back Pain Release & Digestive Tract Empowerment Free Mini Course.

In the meantime, I invite you to become aware of all the muscle contractions you have in your body (in your neck, shoulder, abdomen, spine) and 3-4 times a day try to send the signals of relaxation to all these unnecessary muscle contractions. 

And ofcourse keep enjoying your alkaline powerfoods (such as lemon, aloe vera juice, chlorella, spirulina and dark leafy greens) they will def help keep you Ph balance in check, even if they are not the most important factor to maintaining a healthy Ph balance.

And I also encourage you to take a 1 min break 3-4 times a day to practice deep breathing through the lower abdomen. Try to slow down the movement of air and follow the rhythm of 4 sec inhalation and 6 sec exhalation. It might be tricky at first but with practice it will become second nature to you :) 

Having difficulty breathing in your lower abdomen? 

Write us a short message by clicking here and I’ll send you a free video helping you to reprogram the unconscious permanent muscles contractions in your digestive track and spine. 


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The Prime Cause and Prevention of Cancer. Dr Otto Warburg, Lecture delivered to Nobel Laureates on June 30, 1966 at Lindau, Lake Constance, Germany.

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