Bartu-NSR Method

In Person Trainings 2023/24


Bartu-NSR Modul 1 & 2 Live Training in Frankfurt, Germany

Course In German Language

Date: 31st oct - 1st Nov 2023

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Bartu-NSR Modul 3 & 4 Live Training in Valencia, Spain

Course In English Language

Date: 2-5 Feb 2024

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Bartu-NSR Modul 1 & 2 Live Training in Venice, Italy

Course In German Language

Date: 22-26th July 2024

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Boost Your Health, Strength, Immune System &

Reduce Your Pains - Today!

Free Courses

Live Courses & Events 

Sebastian teaches his courses in 5 Languages: 
English - French - German  Spanish - Portuguese

So if the course is taught in English for example, you can always ask questions and communicate with him in any of the other 4 languages if you prefer. 


Live Courses In Portugal 2021

Bartu-NSR Live Training

Lisbon 6th & 7th Nov 2021

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Sue Tjernlund 

Cryptocurrency Consultant

 "It way exceeded my expectations..

just the knowledge and expertise which Sebastian has is just amazing!

And I really believe

he is bringing something special to the world...

and helping people understand how they can live better, be better, exercises better and

it’s just a tremendous training."

Dr. Sunday Myer

Chiropractor - United States

"The results from Bartu-NSR  are

increased relaxation, decreased pain,

more movement.

With my patiences I’ve been using the Bartu-NSR techniques and

finding tremendous results."


Sebastian Bartu C.O.

CEO & Founder of the Bartu-NSR Method®

Diploma in Osteopathy, Diploma in Psychology,
Yoga Teacher Certification,
Founder of the Bartu-NSR Method & Academy in Zurich, Switzerland.


-Swiss-trained osteopath & Yoga teacher, CEO & Founder of the Bartu-NSR Method® - Neuro Somatic Reprogramming® 

- Has spent the last 10 years teaching pain release seminars and treating patients in chronic pain clinics in over 30 countries

- In the past suffered heavily from chronic back, shoulder, knee pain and digestive issues - which led him to create his own health empowerment Neuro Somatic Reprogramming Techniques®. This allowed him to heal himself and become 100% pain free again.

- Spend 3 years working with his incredible Bartu-NSR Team, filming, editing and producing a library of revolutionary, highly effective and safe health empowerment Online Courses & Online Certifications to share with the world.

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