Bartu Self-Leadership Training For Teams And Organisations

Our Mission:

Harmonizing Individual Health with Organizational Success.


Our Purpose:

Transforming business outcomes by nurturing employee well-being.

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The Bartu-NSR Method¬ģ

Neuro Somatic Reprogramming¬ģ


is a unique method founded by Sebastian Bartu C.O. a Swiss Osteopath and Yoga Instructor trained in Clinical Psychology.

This simple and effective method combines powerful techniques from Osteopathy, Yoga, Psychology, Martial Arts, and Mindfulness. 

This method teaches individuals to reprogram their brains to send new health-empowering and pain-releasing signals throughout the body, resulting in:

  • Reduced stress and prevention of burnout
  • Relief from chronic or acute joint/muscle¬†pain (back, neck, shoulder, hips, knees, feet)
  • Balanced nervous and hormonal systems
  • Enhanced mental health and resilience
  • An empathetic and supportive workplace culture
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We pledge 100% commitment to a global, inclusive, and diverse empowerment of communities



Peter Bachmann

Founder & CEO - Sentinel Haus Institute 


"For the first time in my life, I no longer have pain in certain areas of my body and I feel that I can ‚Äúreprogram‚ÄĚ my body. I now have tools to manage my pains."

Manual Dos Santos

Founder & CEO - Kizomba Academy


"This is an amazing experience. All my back pain went away! After the protocol, my spine was so much more flexible that I could touch my toes while standing with no pain."

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Our Philosophy


Neuro-somatic reprograming and relaxation with supportive human connection is key


Daily conscious intelligent movement and breathe is the way forward


Self care & self empowerment allows us to serve ourselves and our community.

We leverage a rich, international expertise gained from working across more than 30 countries, 5 continents, and with a diverse pool of over

60 nationalities.

Uncover photos documenting our 20 years of empowering various communities.

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