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I'd like to share with you my story...


which includes the pain, injuries & suffering which allowed me to create this health empowerment method and help thousands of people be pain free and become the highest version of themselves.

(but let me warn you my story is long so make yourself comfortable ; )

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I feel grateful for all the amazing teachers I learnt from and all the opportunities that were given to me... 


I'm Swiss, but grew up in Singapore...

My mother, Sandra Bartu is a renowned paediatrician osteopath
and acupuncturist who founded and directed the Swiss International College of Osteopathy and has been travelling the world teaching seminars with the world’s leading Osteopaths. 


My father, Friedemann Bartu is a journalist and authors of several best selling books and thanks to his career we lived as a family in Singapore for 10 years, before spending 6 years in Paris and finally moving to Switzerland (the country of my passport) where I finished my high school. 

Since my mother always had a home praxis I grew up witnessing her success stories with her patients and was exposed to many different modalities of healing.

At the age of 7, I started studying Qi Gong & Karate ... which taught me the power of breath and conscious movement. 

I got obsessed with Yoga

at the age of 18 and spend 8 months in Rishikesh, India intensively studying Yoga & Meditation while living in a traditional ashram.

Experiencing daily yoga and mediation for several months completely changed my perception of the human body and it’s potential to auto regulate and heal. Shortly after I become a certified Yoga teacher (at the Sivananda Vedanta Centre ) and have been teaching Yoga ever since.


Fascinated by human health and behaviour I returned to Switzerland and completed my Diploma in Clinical Psychology at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland.

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I moved to Guatemala

for a year, at the age of 22, to  learn Spanish.

In a tiny village by a lake surrounded by volcanoes  (Panajachel) I discovered my passion for Go Gu Ryu Karate and spent a year intensely training 4 times a week with my incredible world class teacher, Kimo Wall Sensei. 


He taught me traditional Okinawa karate techniques which focused on boosting the body’s strength, resilience and immune system through specific breathing techniques. Never before had I felt so powerful and peaceful at the same time.  

I studied Thai Massage

which my karate teacher offered and ironically in the first class I got injured and subluxed my knee. 

After several weeks of  intense pain, walking with crutches, and not seeing any progress in my knee I travelled to see a famous traditional aztec healer.

Using different pressure points this healer worked on my knee for 20 mins… it was excruciatingly painful but I left the session with 90% less pain and not needing my crutches anymore.

I was so amazed by this experience. That’s when I realised that I wanted to learn how to remove pain from the body.

I returned to Switzerland

and started studying traditional osteopathy in my mother’s  Swiss International College of Osteopathy (SICO). During my 5 years of Osteopathic training I worked with my mother in her Osteopathic Paediatric Clinic in Zurich.

These were exciting and challenging times: it allowed me to acquire extensive clinical experience working with difficult cases from elderly patients to newborns and children with serious health conditions. 

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I became fascinated about the brain-gut connection

and eager to understand better how the nervous system regulates health in my patients.

So during my 5 years of Osteopathic training I spend every summers working as a volunteer osteopath in clinics for physically & mentally  challenged children and adults in Argentina, India and Guatemala.

Following my passion for Capoeira I moved to Brazil.

In 2008, after graduating as an Osteopath my passion for surf and capoeira (a Brazilian martial art) made me move to a beautiful Brazilian town: Praia de Pipa.

worked in Health Clinic offering Osteopathy to the local community and joined a wonderful NGO called "Afeto" and gave treatments to children with special needs.

This gave me a deeper understanding of how the nervous system and brain can be stimulated to restore health function and well being. 

In 2009 I worked in one of the Asia's Oldest Detox Centres in Koh Samui, Thailand

for 1 year, treating chronic pain patients from all over the world and accompanying them through the most innovative detox & fasting methods.

I learnt so much about the connection between neurological pain, diet, detoxing and psychological mind set.  

Having worked closely with internationally renowned health professionals I got invited to work in Health Clinics in different parts of the world.

Between 2009 - 2012 I travelled non-stop treating chronic pain patients

in Health Clinics all over the world. This was an incredible experience where I learnt so much about chronic pain and the factors that trigger health & wellbeing.

By 2012 I had a severe burn out

After 3 years of constantly travelling I had overworked myself ... I had acute neurological pains in my shoulders and arms, acute back pains and was suffering from a bicycle accident which ripped my knee meniscus.

This was definitely one of the hardest period of my life! 

I was forced to stop my work and focus all my energy on restoring my own health.

I started to study intensely the human anatomy, the bio mechanics, the hormonal system, the lymphatic system and the cause of chronic/acute pain.

After several months of research and self experimentation ...

I discovered that the pain in my body was connected to a build up of lactic acid caused by unconscious muscle contractions.

These muscle contractions were making my blood and lymph more acid and causing my pain receptors to fire up more then necessary. 

I also studied the oldest evolutionary patterns of movement (which we as humans have done repetitively for over 200,000 years). 

I noticed that when I did exercises which respected our natural evolutionary foot and hand position my knee and my shoulders got stronger immediately and the pain diminished. 


Combining my findings with all my knowledge in Osteopathy, Yoga, Martial Arts and Psychology I was able to reprogram my muscles, pain receptors & brain and heal myself completely.

With in a few weeks of using these new reprogramming techniques I was 100% pain free again! I was amazed!

I realised I needed to share my discovery...


That’s when I founded and patented my pain release method: Neuro Somatic Reprogramming® : The Bartu-NSR Method


By the end of 2012, I was certifying health professionals in the Bartu-NSR Method in different clinics, institutes and colleges in different parts of the world, (including Mexico, Thailand, India, Germany, Austria)


I created different courses teaching  how to reprogram the brain to remove old patterns of pain as well as dynamic exercises protocols such as the:

"Bartu-NSR Immune & Hormone Boosting Series".

These unique exercise tap into the natural evolutionary muscle power of the body giving several benefits: 

- releases joint and organs pain

- increases your immune defence

- balances out your hormones

- rejuvenates your cells, skin, & muscles

- produces instant happy, health promoting hormones

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In 2014 I moved to Cali, Colombia.

I was invited to teach my method to doctors and therapists in the renowned clinic: The Biological Medical Clinic, in Cali Colombia. 


In this famous clinic I worked with the Colombian National football players preparing them for the football World Cup, in Brazil 2014.

I treated the players and put them on specific exercises programs that allowed them to activate the oldest neurological muscles chains in their bodies and boost their hormonal systems.

The results were immediate and very rewarding. They were able recover from injuries faster and increase their resilience, agility and performance on the field. 

In Columbia, I also had the opportunity to collaborate with a powerful NGO called  "Mi Cuerpo es Mi Historia". This organisation of social artists and humanists promote art and performing arts as a vehicle of transformation and self-realization for individuals in vulnerable conditions. 

This was a truly rewarding experience to offer the Bartu-NSR Self Empowerment protocols to this community.

In 2015 I moved to Montreal, Canada

as I was given the opportunity to work with professional dancers and performers from the world renowned circus "Cirque du Soleil"

I discovered that despite having extremely strong and flexible bodies some of these world class acrobats were also suffering from the exact same pains and limitations as other non athletic patients of mine.

This is where I developed effective techniques to reprogram the neurofascia network.

Witnessing the immediate results I got from using these new techniques  I knew I had to continue investing my energy in teaching this pain release method to other health professionals. 

So in 2016 I moved back to Europe, Barcelona

and travelled across Europe offering Certifications to health professionals in postgraduate institutes for Physiotherapists & Osteopaths in Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. 

I patented the “Bartu-NSR Self Pain Release Protocols” which I started to teach to therapists, health professionals and in Yoga Festivals across Europe. 

In 2017 I started working with teams and organsiations

I created my unique "Self Leadership" training program specifically designed to enhance employees' energy efficiency, alleviate physical discomfort, and maintain optimal physiological health and performance.

Since then I have been collaborating with different organisations in different industries including

  • Automotive Manufacture (SMP, Germany)
  • Energy Company ( Badenova, Germany)
  • Humanitarian Organisation (The Red Cross, Switzerland)

By teaching strategies that incorporate physical activity, hormone boosting training, neuro-somatic pain release protocols and mindful breathing, employees can mitigate the adverse effects of a sedentary lifestyle and chronic stress. This prevents burns outs and improves both their physiological health, mental health and cognitive capabilities.

In 2018 I realised that if I kept on travelling nonstop I would have my second burn out.

So I started investing time and money to convert all my techniques, protocols and clinical experience into online educational self pain release courses and certifications for health practitioners. 


Thanks to my intense injuries and acute pain

I was able to self experiment and discover healing techniques which have allowed me to help so many people become pain free and live a happier more fulfilling life. 

I believe it’s everybody’s birthright to have the knowledge and tools to be pain free and live the highest version of themselves.

And that’s why since 2019 I have invested all my energy in creating online courses helping people all over the world become pain free and teach health professionals and yoga teachers my method (without having to burn myself out travelling non stop ; ).


Currently in 2024, I'm based between Zurich and Valencia, Spain and enjoy a "reduced pace" of travel offering my trainings to employees and leaders in organisations. I continue certifying health professionals (physiotherapists and osteopaths) in my pain release method which is remains very rewarding for me. 

My vision is to keep sharing my work and passion in bigger organisations where stress, mental health, chronic pain, fatigue and burnouts are still deteriorating the quality of lives of the employees as well as their productivity. 

My trainings alleviate the physical, mental and emotional stress and exhaustion experienced by employees allowing them to achieve mental resilience,  high performance and sustainable well-being.

Finally my work has shown me that Companies can mitigate stress and foster a healthier, more dynamic workforce by promoting self-care, deep relaxation, body-mind integration, and self-pain release techniques. This leads to enhanced productivity, innovation, and engagement.

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Our classes are free to attend & air for a limited time only. 

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