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The Team


None Of This Would Be Possible Without The Incredible Work & Support Of This Amazing Dream Team!

Laura Sola M.A.

  • Director of Bartu-NSR Method Online Coaching Programs
  • Senior Bartu-NSR Instructor®


Laura has accumulated years of experience helping individuals improve their health, overcome health obstacles, and optimise their wellbeing by teaching them cutting edge techniques to improve their nutrition, create cellular detoxification and accompany them with personalised exercising training programs. 

She has the subtle art of simplifying complex principles and theories on nutrition allowing her clients to understand the vital and essential elements necessary to transform their health and wellbeing on a cellular level. 

Since completing her Masters Degree in the Science of Nutritional Vegetarian & Raw Cuisine, she has been passionately coaching clients helping them create sustainable health empowering changes. She is specialised in teaching clients simple and powerful Bartu Method techniques to optimise abdominal health, improve hormonal balance and boost the immune system. 

Her deep interest in improving the lives of her clients combined with her passion for music has lead her to complete her training as a Music therapist as well as become a Certified Practitioner in Bok-Bu Korean Abdominal Massage.

Laura is a lead mentor offering personalised 1 on 1 Bartu Online Coaching to our community.
Originally from Spain, she offers valuable online coaching in both English & Spanish. Laura is  passionate about supporting students get the maximum results from their online training by answering all of their personal questions and needs in her unique empowering online coaching sessions.

Laura's Academic Achievements

Certified Bartu Method® Instructor
Masters Degree - Science of Nutritional Vegetarian & Raw Cuisine 
Certified Practitioner in Mucusless Diet Healing System
Diploma in Musicotherapy with Dr. Peter Hess
Certified Practitioner in Bok-Bu Korean Abdominal Massage 
Master in Digital Arts
Superior Degree in Audiovisual Communication

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Ranjith Chambers C.O.

  • Senior Osteopath & Instructor

  • Senior Bartu-NSR Instructor Workshop Facilitator ®


So much more than a certified traditional osteopath, Ranjith is a dedicated healer, intuitive masseur and cranio-sacral expert who fuses his many tools into his treatments and teaching. He also a superb certified personal trainer and vital nutritional guidance.

Ranjith is a senior Bartu-NSR Intructor and Osteopath and is a key element in the success of  our live trainings and retreats. With over 20 years of experience working in the field of health, pain release, personal training and fitness he brings so much value to our clients and supports their health transformation.

We are very grateful to have him on the team of Instructors and therapists and all our clients really appreciate his deep physiological knowledge and expertise with personalised prescriptions to boost health, performance and fitness.

Meet the Bartu-NSR Method's Powerful Production Team

Josef Šindelka

Visual Content Creation

Josef is a highly talented Film Producer, Video Editor & Photographer living in Hamburg, Germany. Full of passion about communicating the Bartu-NSR Method's brand value and message through visual content.

Having worked with several international companies Josef is highly skilled in helping his clients produce and create visual content for their online platforms to share their story with the world, deepen relationships with their customers as well effectively reach new ones.

Since day one Josef's artistic abilities and experience has been an incredible attribute to creating all the different Bartu-NSR Online Courses. From filming, to video editing, to producing Josef has been an incredible asset to the team.

Seigo Yokomine

Film maker & Producer

Seigo is an incredibly gifted filmmaker from Japan who has the artistic eye and determination to create powerful, uplifting content.

His passion and high skill set has given him the opportunity to film internationally from fashion shows in New York to live events in Barcelona with thousands of people to outdoor adventure travel in Japan.

We have been blessed for all the incredible work which Seigo has invested in the creation of the Bartu-NSR Method Online Educational Platform.

Seigo has traveled with the team to Yoga festivals in Ukraine and Barcelona filming the Bartu-NSR Method workshops and creating high value content for our online courses.

Ewelina Kołakowska 

Film maker & Producer


Ewelina is a passionate, highly skilful film maker from Poland and the founder of Bonsai Studio Film Production based in Barcelona. 

Her exceptional abilities working behind the camera as well as video editing allows her to create the highest visual and substantive quality results.

We are so grateful towards Ewelina for all her incredible work filming, video editing and video producing.

She has delivered exceptionally high quality work and we are very thankful for all her commitment and energy in the creation of this online platform.

Meet the Bartu-NSR Method's Marketing & Customer Service Team

Christina Voll

Marketing Director

Sarah Thomson

Customer Service Manager

We are full of gratitude and appreciation for the wonderful models who helped us create all our online courses

Christina Voll

Susanna Orchard

Omar Enfedaque

Eva Perfido

Felicia Fabriek

Salih Gulbaymt

Sadaf Javan

Djaja Baecke

Sati Ng

Roxy Salby

Olivia Ford

Photos From Our Online Courses 

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