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Are you feeling that your team, your community could really benefit from a powerful health boost?

Do you want to offer your people, your tribe the opportunity to learn powerful, safe, proven neuro biohacks which will allow them to 

  • Be more resilient when facing stress and uncertainty
  • Learn effective simple techniques to remove pains and tensions created from working at a computer
  • Develop a stronger immune system and a more balanced hormonal system
  • Remove years of chronic pain in their backs, and other joints in their body
  • Experience deep restorative sleep and wake up feeling energised
  • Understand how to boost the production of the most powerful happy and healthy hormones
  • Trigger deep states of neurological relaxation when ever they choose
  • Be stronger, fitter, in better shape and have more energy to do they things they love to do in life


If any of the above resonates with you then you are in the right place!

For over a decade we have been offering online and onsite trainings to teams allows them to improve their performance, improve their health and wellbeing. 

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We are excited to hear from you and explore different ways we can collaborate together

Imagine Offering Your Community, Your Tribe The Chance To Experience These Type Of Health Transformations... 

 "I had 2 bulging disks in my neck."

I had numbness and burning pains all the way from my neck to my finger tips 24/7. I started following the Bartu Method Protocols and it immediately started getting better till the point I am today where I have zero pain. And it’s amazing no more doctors needed. 

John Seyfert

X-Pro Basketball player - United States

"These self help techniques are incredibly valuable"

It's working smarter not harder. I suffer from lower back pain and I felt a release in my entire spine after doing the protocol. It’s a very effective and efficient way of working with sprains, strains, injuries, chronic pain.

Sarite Sanders

Therapist - Canada

"My back pain and menstruation pain completely went away"

I used to have to take pain killers every month during my menstruation but now I don’t need any more medication. I’m super grateful towards Sebastian for having developed this technique."

Dr. Karin Amberg

Lawyer - Germany

"This is an amazing experience. All my back pain went away"

After the protocol my spine was so much more flexible I was able to touch my toes while standing with no pain. I highly recommend the Bartu Method to everyone suffering from back pain.

Manual Dos Santos

International Dancer - Canada

"After the protocol I felt all the tension in my body was gone"

My body was regenerated and I  also felt a huge release in my stomach and my neck.  Even the way I can move my neck now is amazing!

Gabrielle Dagenais

Personal Trainer - Canada

"I learnt amazing technics for releasing pressure in the spine, in the ribs, all the way down into the digestive organs"

I'm super grateful to have learnt all these amazing techniques.

Chris Hopper

Professional Athlete - United States

"All the inner organs were working much better

and this feels much healthier and much more relaxed then before. I definitely recommend the Bartu-NSR Method to anyone suffering from health issues."

Dr. Alexandra Neubecker

Professor - Germany

"I had lots of acidity in my stomach"

After the protocol all the acidity was gone. I had lots of pain in my arms, now I can sleep better, the pain is gone… it’s amazing."

Sita Ramirez

Co-director of Yoga Center - Canada

"It’s so beneficial,  it’s incredible!

All the benefits of the spine come in... for the vertebrae, the disk and the muscles around the spine.

This is incredible knowledge that the course gives. It’s empowering to human beings."

Alesandra Properi

Pilates Instructor - Italy

"I had a Sciatica pain

and I could feel straight away after doing the protocol that the pain went away. The pinching from my lower back to my leg completely disappeared.

Thank you so much!"

Pauline Lheureux

Massage Therapist- France

"The Bartu-NSR method is a powerful simple technique to decompress your spine,

relax and release muscle tension around the spine, release pain, and actually get rid of any injuries in a quick and fast way. The technique is easy and accessible to everyone and you can feel the benefits on yourself immediately."

Manfred Suppan

International Yoga Instructor - Austria

"I was looking for many years for a solution in conservative therapy

but couldn't find anything that helped me. These Bartu-NSR protocols are fantastic - it was the first time I tried a method which did not hurt me.  I can do something which helps me. So it’s a big great solution for me and I am very grateful.

Anja-Christina Carstensen Busniness Coach - Germany

We Believe It's Every Human's Birthright To Have The Tools & Knowledge To be

Pain Free


Become The Highest Version Of Themselves 




If you are inspired by our mission and want to offer the Bartu-NSR Method to your people, then we can't wait to connect with you! 

Lets Connect & Empower Your Tribe

We are excited to hear from you and explore different ways we can collaborate together